Boost the value of your Home with Paint Colours

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; we all know this. While some of us believe that there is no other fabulous colour than blue in the spectrum, others argue it’s all about green or red and so on. We have unique preferences and tastes! So, is there really such a thing called the best colour to paint your home? The simple answer to this question is, it depends on the reason you are painting your home. For instance, if you are looking to add a new coat of exterior paint simply for your joy, it is entirely up to you. Feel free to choose the colour that makes you happy. On the contrary, if you are looking to enhance your home’s value and curb appeal, you should be a little more strategic. You should look for colours that your prospective buyers will be interested in.

What will a fresh coat of Exterior Paint say about your House?

To a prospective home buyer, a fresh paint job doesn’t just look good; it indicates that your home is well taken care of. Moreover, by hiring professional residential painters in Sydney, you can ensure a long lasting finish, which can further add to your home’s value. The first impression is very important, and curb appeal is all that draws the attention of buyers. A house with cracked, and peeling paint shows a lack of maintenance, which can bring down its value. In other words, a great looking paint job done by  residential painters in Sydney on the exterior walls of your home can set the stage for an offer.

How to improve the value of your Home with Paint Colours?

Selecting a paint colour for your home’s exterior walls can be a big decision and of course a big job. After all, it is an investment that should last for years or should increase the interest in your listing for sale. Selecting neutral colours for the exterior walls can be a great choice. This is because lighter shades of paint can make your house look bigger than its actual size, whereas darker shades will make it look smaller. It is for this reason many realtors use light colours for the exterior walls.

You can opt for neutral shades with white trim if you want to make the colours pop and your house look its best. It also allows you to use your favourite bright colours to accent areas like the doors and windows. If you need help or other colour selections, you can talk to professionals who offer painting services in Sydney.

Moreover, once you have chosen the colour for your exterior walls, you should make sure the job is done right. Unattractive paint colours and a less than perfect paint job will not help the cause of increasing the value of your home. So, make sure you hire professional house painters in Sydney to give your home the professional results you wanted before it goes on the market.

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